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Anna Stranges is a  trained generalist social worker  working with individiduals, couples and families in her private practice located in East Hamilton.  She has worked in a variety of clinical capacities for over 20+ years in the mental health field providing services to youth, adults, and seniors in both hospital and community settings.  Her practice is based on a solution focused approach which is strengths based, collaborative and goal oriented.  A solution focused framework engages clients in identifying issues, needs, assets and an intervention that is appropriate and achievable.  She believes that individuals want to resolve their problems and have the ability and strength to do so, people are resilient.  Therefore, her interventions are intended to assist individuals in returning to their normal routine and improve their sense of well being, as quickly as possible.  This is achieved through counselling, problem solving and education.

Anna has had training in a variety of techiques and to address numerous areas of client needs.   She specializes in working with families and individuals experiencing mental health problems and the possible challenges associated with having a mental health problems including grief,  care giving, addictions, poverty, and parenting.  Through many years of working in the mental health field, she has obtained significant experience assisting individuals and family members in navigating the mental health system and accessing needed resources.  For the last 8 years, she has been working with women experiencing chronic and persistent mental illness.  As a result, she has developed a unique perspective of the issues facing women experiencing psychological distress resulting from abuse and domestic violence and the associated impacts it has on the overall health and emotional well being of women. 

Anna has completed 9 years of post secondary education with a Honors Bachelor of Science (Psychology Specialist), Bachelor of Social Work, and Masters of Social Work.  She has obtained training from a variety of sources including Hinks-Delcrest, TAPE, and Ontario HIV/AIDS/Substance Use Harm Reduction Program.  She is culturally competent, recovery oriented, and practices from an anti-oppressive framework.  She provides a free consultation over the phone and information can be requested by email.   

Anna Stranges
11 Parklands Dr. Hamilton, Ontario L8K 4W8 CA
Phone: 905-966-7880 Website:

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